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    WWF jubilates: Bird paradise Kopacki Rit saved
    Croatian environment ministry stops regulation project of the Danube´s best preserved wetland
    Zagreb, Vienna, April 7, 2014 - The Croatian Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection has stopped one of the largest planned destructions of nature on the Danube River. A 53-kilometer long natural stretch of the Danube along the Croatian-Serbian border had been under huge pressure from the Croatian inland navigation agency to be regulated and channelized. As a result, the Kopacki Rit Nature Park in Croatia, an internationally renowned bird paradise, as well as Serbias most important Danube´s Nature Reserve „Gornje Podunavlje“, would have literally dried out. "Stopping this senseless destruction of one of the most valuable floodplains of the entire Danube is a major success for nature conservation in Europe," says Arno Mohl of WWF.

    Amazon of Europe, "Kopački Rit" Nature Park

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    International Winter Census: “Amazon of Europe” hosts highest density of White-tailed Eagles in the Danube region
    Over 230 White-tailed Eagles and 100.000 other waterbirds counted in the floodplains of Mura, Drava and Danube
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    First international winter census along the whole Danube River: 750 White-tailed Eagle were spotted on January 12th by 300 counters!
    White tailed eagle_display flightHainburg (Austria) serves as nodal point in South-East European White-tailed Eagle protection these days. The Symposium on January 12th at Kulturfabrik Hainburg, initiated by BirdLife, DANUBEPARKS and WWF, brought together international White-tailed Eagle experts and over 200 interested participants.
    300 voluntary counters braved cold and wind to monitor 3.000 river kilometres at the Danube. They reported a pleasant result: In nine Danube countries, 750 Eagles were counted! The number proves the perfect suitability of the Danube River as habitat for the White-tailed Eagle.
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    WWF jubilates: The “Amazon of Europe” is growing
    Valuable Danube Floodplains of Serbia nominated for UNESCO designation
    Traditional costume of the Sokci minority Belgrade, Zagreb, Budapest, Ljubljana, Vienna – The Republic of Serbia has recently nominated its part of the territory of the future Five-country Biosphere Reserve “Mura-Drava-Danube” at UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Programme in Paris. The Serbian area corresponds to almost 20 per cent of the “Amazon of Europe” which borders and will be jointly conserved by Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria.

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    WWF’s “Amazon of Europe” initiative is European Riverprize finalist
    5 Country Representatives - River prize Gala

    Vienna, Austria - The WWF and EuroNatur initiative to establish a five-country UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Mura-Drava-Danube“ across Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia has been recognized as a finalist for the 2013 European Riverprize of the International River Foundation. “Being one of only four finalists is an important achievement and we regard this as an assignment for us to carry on combating unsustainable river management and upcoming plans for new hydropower dams as well as to increase the efforts for the restoration of already degraded river stretches in the Mura-Drava-Danube area”, said Arno Mohl, WWF Project leader. “I hope this nomination also inspires other initiatives all over Europe to fight for living rivers – there are many magnificent landscapes and rare species threatened and worth saving.”

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    Wanderung an der Grenzmur
    Sonntag, 10. August 2013 - Begleitveranstaltung zur Ausstellung MUR+AUEN
    Aufweitung Gosdorf, Grenzmur, At Mit dem Europaschutzgebiet (Natura 2000) "Grenzmur" soll der zukünftige grenzüberschreitende UNESO-Biosphärenpark "Mur-Drau-Donau" beginnen.

    Treffpunkt: Pavelhaus, 14 Uhr

    Führung durch die Ausstellung Mur+Auen im Pavelhaus

    Anschließende geführte Wanderung (2-3 Stunden)

    Ing. Dr. Andreas Breuss, Mag. Bernd Wieser

    Anmeldung nicht notwendig
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    Invitation to Bodrog Festival in in Bački Monoštor, Serbia, 9-10 August 2013
    Ethno festival of food, heritage and crafts
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    10th Meeting of the European Stork Villages
    Velika Polana, 7-10 August, 2013
    Stork Festival in Velika PolanaThe meeting will be organized in the village of Velika Polana which was awarded with the title of a European Stork village in the year 1999. The meeting will be held during the Stork festival - Pomurje summer festival in Velika Polana, which will be celebrated from 4-11 August and is hosting a lot of national and international groups. See website for more information. 

    Download invitation: PDF-Document Invitation to Stork Festival Velika Polana 
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    WWF: First ever Amazon of Europe Day kicked off with “Big Jumps” into Mura, Drava and Danube rivers on 14 July
    Cross-border events in the transboundary UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube
    Handing over the Manifest to protect Croatian Rivers to the Croatian Deputy Minister of Environment, Mr. Hrovje Dokoza Bad Radkersburg/Austria, Hrastje Mota/Slovenia, Legrad/ Croatia, Örtilos/Hungary, Sombor/Serbia – WWF in alliance with EuroNatur and many partner NGOs celebrated the first Amazon of Europe Day on 14 July 2013 with various events on the natural riverbanks of the Mura, Drava and Danube.
    The three rivers span Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia and will become Europe’s largest cross-border protected area under the UNESCO flag.

    “14 July is about the celebration of this amazing riverine landscape shared by five countries. It will also be an annual powerful reminder of Martin Schneider-Jacoby, who pioneered the international protection of the transboundary river system of ‘Europe’s Amazon’, and will encourage us what we can achieve when we work together”, WWF freshwater expert Arno Mohl said.

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    Big Jump Mura-Drava confluence 2013

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    INVITATION to Celebration of "Amazon of Europe" Day
    14th July 2013, Mura-Drava Mouth, Beach SIP
    Big Jump Mura-Drava confluence 2012 On the occasion of the Republic of Croatia entering the EU, WWF with partner organizations organized a promotional and educational campaign “Month of Croatian Rivers” on seven river wonders of Croatia – Mura, Drava, Danube, Zrmanja, Neretva and Ombla. The "Amazon of Europe" Day is celebrated as a final event of this campaign.

    July 14 -  Day of "Amazon of Europe" -  Program of the Celebration

    11:00 – 11:30  Program of the formal part with:

    • WWF, Mrs. Irma Popović Dujmović
    • Mayor of county Legrad, Mr. Ivan Sabolić
    • State secretary for environment of Hungary, Mr. Zoltán Illés
    • Member of the Hungarian Parliament, Mr. László Szászfalvi
    • Minister of environment and nature protection, Mr. Mihael Zmajlović
    Handing over the Declaration on protection of Croatian rivers to minister Zmajlović

    11:30 – 15:30  Program of the Informal part will include:

    • Art workshops for kids
    • Quiz
    • Boat rides along Drava and Mura mouth
    • Presentation of local cultural and gastronomic offer

    15:00 BIG JUMP - What is the "Big Jump"?: Everybody will swim in the rivers the same day, at the same hour, in all the European rivers, from the sources and the glaciers to the oceans.
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    Big Jump Mura-Drava confluence 2012_2